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Q) Dailymotion Not Showing HD.

A)  Clear Cache of your browser & See, Or its DM Issue For ur Country, Itll be autocorrected.

* Google Chrome
1. chrome://history/
2. Clear Browsing Data
3. Select from beginning of time in dropdown menu.
4. Check - History, Cache, Cookies, Hosted app data.
5. Clear browser data.

* Firefox
1. Options - History
2. Clear Recent History
3. Select Everything from dropdown menu
4. Check - History, Cookies, Cache.

* Other browsers too similar, just remember to clear the everything or From beginning of time For Cache.

Usually clearing cache works for me.

Q) Full screen is not working.

A) Disable your ad-blocker or use FireFox (for mobile too). This has nothing to do with me, this is all Dailymotion itself.

Q) Video is only showing half screen or shifts to the right.

A) Clear your cache. If you don’t know how to do it, google it. If that doesn’t work, try a different browser to see if it works on a different one.

Q) Content is deleted/rejected.

A) This means the video was removed by Dailymotion or copyright notice removal. Dailymotion videos do not last forever. They get removed often so I post other video hosting site links as mirrors. Find one which is best for you and use that. I will try to keep the fresh content up but old videos on Dailymotion will be gone.

Q) Video advertisment keeps coming.

A) I can’t do anything about that. Those ads are from Dailymotion. They’re not mine.

Q) Video is encoding/publishing in progress.

A) This means the video is being processed on Dailymotion. It can take from couple of minutes to an hour depending on the video quality and the length of video.

Q) It says HD Quality but it doesn’t show 720p.

A) 720p takes longer time to encode and process. First it goes to 380p, then 480p, and finally 720p. Please wait for it to be 720p. The longer the video, the more time it takes.

Q) Video keeps buffering.

A) It’s most likely your internet connection. Try lowering your quality.

Q) How do I download the video?

A) I don’t think you can download Dailymotion videos. You are better off torrenting them if you really want to download it.

Q) Why can’t you upload the full show for everything?

A) Dailymotion has 60 minute video limit.

Q) Can I watch this on my mobile or tablet?

A) Yes, Dailymotion video supports all mobile and tablet devices.

Q) I am getting an 404 error when I try to watch the videos.

A) You have the click the links directly from this site only. Click on Part 1 or Full Show from this website and it will open a new tab with the video. Don’t copy and paste URL or click open in new tab.

Q) I keep getting this error “Ooops we are having technical difficultly”.

A) Refresh the page. If it still doesn’t work, wait for a minute or two and try again.